Using a business energy broker you should receive expertise in a complicated and time consuming industry.

Your energy procurement broker should have independent relationships with all suppliers to eliminate the unnecessary risks and administration for you whilst also presenting you with independent and impartial advice and quotations based on your business needs.

At Energy Procurement we are truly independent.

We will quite simply audit your company to understand your requirements; we will then take that information and contact all the Gas and Electric suppliers to create the best option for you based on our initial findings.

Our services are free to you; our fees are paid by our suppliers. How does this make us impartial? We receive the same fee from all our suppliers so there is no influence to one or the other.

As standard we offer;

• Dedicated account management – you will never go through to a call centre
• Complete contract Management – Including any issues throughout the life of the contract
• Carbon Offsetting – helping your business become carbon free
• Excellent customer care

It is also important to know that with Energy Procurement your contract will never ‘auto renew’. We will always make sure you have the best pricing available to you well in advance of your contract end date – we will then manage the termination of your current contract should it be needed.

We also don’t tie our customers into ‘exclusivity agreements’. Contracts are between our customers and suppliers, not with us. We like to keep our customers because they don’t want to leave, not because they HAVE to stay.

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Written by Ellie Cowmeadow