There are many reasons to utilise the support of an energy broker but to save you even more time we have narrowed it down to our top 7!

  1. The right price first time

Escalating electric and gas prices are contributing to your rising overheads. A good energy broker will be aligned with all suppliers directly or partly with an aggregation service to give you the most competitive wholesale price at any time with a software package that delivers live prices. It will beat all online comparison sites and all directly quoted prices from suppliers.

In the complex business energy market, being able to identify the best product for your company is problematic if you do not have market knowledge. This is where expert energy brokers can search prices from all the major suppliers to get you the lowest price.

2. Peace of mind

A good Energy broker will be totally independent and have no preferential links with any suppliers and will work closely with them to resolve any issues quickly.

A broker should provide free advice of the energy contract which is best suited to your business and then arrange everything from terminating existing contracts to moving to the new or existing supplier, leaving you to run your business.

Brokers should give you peace of mind by giving you a dedicated telephone number, with a 3 ring answer policy picked up by a support desk when your broker is unavailable who can deal with the enquiry.

3. Time

An efficient broker can benefit your company by freeing up your time it takes to get all the information to make that decision to move supplier or remain. They will procure your usage history, and analyse the data.  Then can send this information to a number of providers and receive multiple competitive bids for you on your behalf. They will then manage the process for you from terminating your current contract and entering into your new one seamlessly and manage the next renewal process without you having to lift a finger.

4. Truly Independent – Access a Wider Range Of Suppliers

You could probably name one or two large energy suppliers as an option for your business energy needs. An energy consultant can name and access dozens. By remaining an expert in a busy field, your business energy broker will scour a wider market to bring you the very best product every time.

5. Understand what you are paying for

A lot of businesses do not know for sure all pricing components that make up an invoice from a supplier. For example, some suppliers will quote prices which do not include certain taxes. This will make their price appear lower than it really is. An experienced broker will go through in fine detail all supplier pricing for all pricing components, making sure all items are included so that the price you see is truly an all-in price when making a decision.

6. Market updates

A good energy broker will give you regular updates of what is happening in the market and advise when is a good time to re-negotiate contracts. The length of the contract is vital depending on the wholesale market, risk to your business and factors that need to be explained.

It is important to keep up to date with New-technologies in the market, helping in reducing efficiencies and costs, enabling reductions in carbon foot print and healthier green policies.

7. The Extra mile

An experienced energy broker will not only save you money in the short and long term, they will also provide the time saving extras that you wouldn’t get if you approached a supplier directly.

Utility bill auditing, tax audits and analysis services are just a small part of what an energy broker can provide for your business alongside the best energy products for your business.

At Solution Consultants we are pleased to say that we offer all of the above as standard, however we don’t just expect you to take our word for it, we have an array of case studies from our customers who have benefitted from working with us for all of their utility needs. You can find these and any other information at our site. For further information please call our team on 0345 3373838.