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SOURCE- Energylive News

We’re not totally shocked to learn that a third of business leaders don’t know who supply their business energy – question is, which camp are you in?

There are probably many reasons for the lack of supplier knowledge. Energy is not something that is top of the priority list on a daily basis; however with energy prices set to rise in subsequent years, perhaps now is a good time to sit down and take stock of what you are spending and with whom.

It has been seen that part of the problem is that businesses tend to stick with one of the ‘Big Six’ energy companies simply because they are not aware of the alternatives. If this really is the case then we are certain that big savings are being missed.

But why do we think this is?

Time? Time is not something that business leaders are blessed with therefore research into getting the best energy deal is not something that gets the attention that it requires.

Another reason may be that four in ten businesses believe there is no competition in the business energy market and there is no point in switching! Again if this is true – we are astounded!

There are always savings to be made by just shopping around. We are aware this is a lengthy process, however the process does need to be followed  to protect your businesses profitability.Nastural Gas Flame

With that in mind the best time of the year to look at your energy pricing is during the summer months when demand is low thus driving the price down. Pricing can be fixed in advance to start when your contract ends – looking at your contracts early can also alleviate the risk of falling into the ‘Rollover Trap’.

Energy Procurement are happy to provide a full audit on your business energy contracts; with just your utility bill we can assess your needs and your spend whilst taking the gruelling process of ‘shopping around’ away from you. We will then produce our findings and potential savings for you – free of charge with no obligation.

If you choose to use our energy services we will then manage your contracts moving forward. For you this simply means that you can rest assured that your business utilities are being looked after and savings are being maximised, while you get on with managing your business.

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