Do you know when your Business Energy contracts end?Asl Energy Procurement how you can avoid the 'Rollover' Trap

Do you know when your Business Energy Contracts end? No? You are not alone!

As a customer you would expect a level of service from your supplier, however unbelievably it is not the responsibility of the energy supplier to inform you that your business energy contract is coming to an end or that if you want to terminate your contract you only have a set amount of time to inform them of your wishes.

What they cleverly do is disguise these letters as; ‘offering your business more’; ‘Protect your prices for two years’ and so on. Let’s be clear on one thing, a supplier does not want to draw your attention to the fact that your contract is due to expire, nor do they want to broadcast the fact that you will pay significantly higher rates if you do nothing.

Many of us would simply put these letters in the bin or in that huge pile of filing that you’ll do ‘tomorrow’ – in the world of Energy suppliers this is exactly what works for them, this means you will simply ‘Rollover’ to a new contract with them. By doing nothing you will be automatically tied into a new contract with them at uncompetitive prices for a minimum of 12 months and possibly, in some cases, up to 2 years.

Unfortunately this happens too often to customers who are busy trying to run their own businesses. Sieving through the mass of mail that comes their way and interpreting what it means creates a headache and lost time – unfortunately for the case of their Utility renewals it means they usually miss their contract termination date and by proxy agree to accept the price increases and rollover contract terms.Do you know when your Business Energy contracts end? Avoiding the 'Rollover' Trap

How we can help.

Energy Procurement is part of a buying consortium so not only will we find you the best deal from over 24 suppliers we can be sure to offer you incomparable pricing . We are dedicated to making sure you never have to pay more than you have to.

Once we have found the best rate for your business we will then hold all the contract end dates within our database and we will contact you well in advance of your termination date with a renewal quote. This renewal will again be the best rates across the market. You then have full visibility of your costs for the next fixed term period – No fluff, just fact! These rates can be fixed to come into effect once your existing contract ends.

Rest assured however, as our customer, even if you do nothing at your renewal time you will never be bound by rollover contract terms. You will be free to move as you wish once your initial contract term is up – Thus avoiding the ‘Rollover trap’

No matter when your business energy contract ends we can help.

That’s it! We hold all the information so you don’t have to. You can be sure that by using Energy Procurement you will always have the service you expect. Our service speaks for itself, but don’t take our word for it – why not see what our customers have to say, we are always happy to put you in touch.

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Written by Ellie Cowmeadow