Energy Procurement | Business Energy Strategy

High energy costs looming overhead? With costs rising this is inevitably set to worsen unless you act now by assessing your energy consumption and contracts. With every extra unit of energy used your bottom line will be affected.

It has been announced that by 2050 UK businesses could make £13bn in energy savings through efficiency programmes – does your strategy have you in that category?

We can help you develop your business energy strategy in 5  easy steps to ensure you are as efficient and cost effective as you can be, we want to put money straight back on to your bottom line. Here’s how;

1.Review – To enable you to plan where you want to be, its imperative you know where you have been. You don’t have to have state of the art analytical systems to give you this information – historical energy bills will give you everything you need for forward planning. If you have an energy consultant who works on your behalf they should also be able to analyse this for you. By completing this step you will be able to see your consumption and spend, giving you total visibility of what changes can be made and also if you should be looking at your contracts; are you getting the best deal that’s available to you?

2. Monitor – After doing a review on historic consumption its now time to start your monitoring. Implementing additional meters around your premises is probably the best place to start, by doing this you will gather accurate data to gain better visibility of where and when your energy is being used. Many suppliers now offer installation of smart meters so real time information is available, also with these meters you will only pay for the energy you have used rather than ‘estimated’ usage.Monitoring energy consumption is an important part of an integrated business energy strategy

Along with the consumption monitoring you should also be looking at your business energy supplier, it always pays to check you are getting the best possible price; it’s pointless doing everything you can to reduce your usage when you could be paying over the odds for it. If you have time it is always best to get quotes from as many suppliers as you can – this is something that an energy consultant can assist you with should time not be something you have in abundance. Do be careful if using a consultant or broker; always make sure they act independently from the energy suppliers.bigstock-hand-pushing-switch-9209555

3. Identify – Quite simply by doing all the research you will be able to identify where your costs lie.

4. Implement – Now it’s time to take your identified cost areas and put a plan in place to address your findings. This can be done in house or alternatively again energy consultants can help you with this. There are many areas you can look at to reduce your energy spend, even the simplest of changes, like decreasing the heating in the building by just 1 degree all over, can have measurable benefits to your energy bill. Also look at servicing the systems you already have in place – by keeping them serviced annually this can keep you running efficiently and also holds off the costly task of replacement. Swapping light bulbs for energy saving equivalents is also a very simple and easy task that has substantial saving effects.

5. Evaluate and Improve– Now the hard work is complete, it doesn’t stop there. Companies grow; premises change, systems and technology evolve. To make sure all your hard work doesn’t fall at the first hurdle it is essential that you carry out annual reviews as a minimum. This will ensure your company stays up to date with any energy changes and progresses with them. Again this is where an energy consultant could add value to your company.

Once you have all of this in place you can sit back and relax knowing that you are doing everything you can to keep in control of your energy costs. Easy as that!

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Written by Ellie Cowmeadow