The Holiday season is fast approaching and many offices either close or form a ‘skeleton’ workforce over this period. If this is the case for your company, make sure that you take the necessary steps to match your business needs with your energy consumption. If it’s not needed – turn it off!

Switching off appliances that aren’t needed or turning down the temperature of your premises by just a few degrees can add significant savings to your bottom line.

We have established 5 easy steps to ensure your empty office is still working for you while you embrace the festivities.

Think TemperatureBy reducing the temperature by just 1 degree your fuel consumption can be cut by up to 8%. It’s been shown that heating can contribute up to 40% of typical energy costs. While the office is not in use over the festive period the thermostat should be kept just high enough to prevent freezing – there is no need for it to be higher.

Turn off Equipment– It’s unreasonable to think all appliances aren’t used over the holidays; some could be business critical to you or your customers however for those appliances which aren’t – Turn them off and unplug. Leaving one PC and monitor on for 24 hours a day can cost around £45 per year and a photocopier left on overnight uses enough energy to make 5,000 copies. By switching off at the plug when they are not in use will see energy savings rack up!

Hit the switchLighting is another large contributor to business energy consumption. Quite simply, if nobody is there turn the lights off. If security lighting is required, low energy solutions are quite easy to find. Lighting a small office overnight can use as much energy as it takes to boil 1,000 cups of tea – That’s a lot of Tea!

AppliancesKettles, dishwashers, fridges, microwaves; all can be unplugged over the festive holidays. Make sure you clear the fridge from any perishable items first so you don’t return to any unwanted presents.

Coffee/Vending MachinesIt’s actually cheaper to buy a brand new kettle than to keep coffee machines running. As it’s only for a few days, any workers should be happy to find alternatives to their coffee and vending needs – they’ll thank you when their January detox begins!

Christmas time is the most expensive time of the year for many of us. Why waste money needlessly? In following these 5 easy steps, not only will you have reduced your energy consumption and cost you will have also reduced your carbon footprint!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!!!

Written by Ellie Cowmeadow