The Customer

Founded in the UK in 2012, GlobalReach Technology is now an international cloud software business with offices in four countries. Their scalable Wi-Fi authentication and provisioning platform powers some of the world’s most complex Wi-Fi services for the world’s leading service providers and their customers. They believe that a brilliant user experience is key to the success of a Wi-Fi service and our high-performance software, service and analytics deliver billions of successful authentications a year.

The Challenge

Global Reach Technology had outgrown their current office and during this time it was appropriate to evaluate their telecoms requirements and see what potential changes could be made to enhance their business productivity. Particular consideration had to be paid to the multitude of remote workers within the company. Access to the company anytime, anywhere to enable the 24×7 international operation was paramount and this needed to run smoothly at all times. Global Reach has in excess of 40 extensions, numerous hunt groups and several international numbers for sales and support that need to be managed 24/7/365.

The Solution

Solution Consultants proposed and successfully installed the Hosted Voice Platform (HVP). Provisioning of the HVP was completed on existing Cisco handsets. The mobile application was installed onto all company mobiles for remotes users giving them full control of the HVP allowing extension dialing, incoming hunt groups and direct dials.

Full disaster re-direct also applied as standard and is automatically actioned in the event of power cut or system failure and can be applied remotely by the administrators in the event of an office evacuation or closed office scenario.
The system is fully managed by Solution Consultants with a selection of administrators within Global Reach.
International numbers for US and EU sales and support were also supplied.

As well as looking at all their telecoms Global Reach also asked for a full audit of their company utilities. A new supplier was appointed for all meters with competitive rates and common end dates were applied to their contracts.

The Results

By choosing Solution Consultants and Energy Procurement, Global Reach have benefited from the following:-

  • No additional line costs – utilisation of current Ethernet
  • No additional hardware costs
  • Remote working anywhere, anytime
  • Total management of telecoms procurement and implementation
  • One point of contact for account management across multiple products
  • Immediate response times for all queries across all products.
  • 24/7 access to experienced engineers
  • A real understanding of their call and data usage
  • One simply formatted and itemised monthly invoice
  • Zero migration downtime
  • Total management of utility contracts
  • No utility auto rollover guarantee
  • Utility Cost savings in excess of 20% year on year

The Future

Solution Consultants ICT continue to work and grow with Global Reach and meet their needs. Their new phone system is constantly monitored to ensure full productivity. Their utilities are also fully managed to ensure the rates are the best available.