Harvest Energy

Do you have multiple contracts, supplier’s and sites?

The Customer

Cornwall Garage Group set up in the 1960’s and is a family owned business which started as one outlet in Hatch End, Middlesex. They now boast a total of 19 petrol station sites which span between London and Devon. These sites were franchised with Harvest Energy in 2011 and were rebranded with the Harvest Energy’s distinctive white, blue and green livery you will see today.

The Challenge

Cornwall garage group has grown quickly over the years and with that their utility bills had become hard to keep track of. They had multiple end dates, out of contract rates and various suppliers. They required a full audit of their sites and contracts with a trusted supplier who could help them understand their current position and help make it more manageable for the future.

The Solution

On contact, Energy Procurement set to work looking at all meters, rates and out of date contracts. The audit findings were then explained to Cornwall Garage Group. It was found there were some high ‘Out of Contract’ rates, a contract that had ‘Auto Rolled’ onto higher than necessary rates and savings that could be made across all sites.

After discussing all options available to the group, Energy Procurement arranged for all contracts to be changed over one supplier with the best rates possible saving in excess of £6000 over a 2 year period. The ‘Out of Contract’ and ‘Auto Rollover’ contracts were also addressed and bought over to the new supplier. All sites were then put on Co-Terminus contracts with common end dates to coincide with the optimum rate change period of the year to ensure the best prices for the renewal time, this also makes it easier to tender to all suppliers in the future.

Energy Procurement then manage all site contracts until their expiry when they will be re-quoted with the best possible rates. Full management of the utility procurement alleviates the risk of any high rates being applied to lapse or ‘Auto Rollover’ contracts.

The Results

By choosing Energy Procurement, Cornwall Garage Group have benefited from the following:-

  • Total management of utility contracts
  • One point of contact for account management across multiple sites
  • Immediate response times for all queries.
  • Cost savings in excess of £6000 over 24 months
  • Co Terminus contract end dates
  • No Auto Rollover guarantee

The Future

Energy Procurement will continue to work closely with Cornwall Garage Group to ensure they are compliant on their new contracts and ensure they continue to receive the best rates and service they possibly can.

Client Testimonial

I have been extremely impressed by the efficient handling of all of our sites. The way Energy Procurement have taken all of the hassle away from trying to manage all the contracts in-house and making sure we are on the best rates has been excellent. We can now be confident that all of our billing is correct and we are making big savings. We know this will continue into the future

Keith Donnellan - Company Secretary