About-300x215Energy-Procurement Partner Programme offers the ability to partner with Energy-Procurement in two ways; either selling via your brand (white labelling) or selling under the Energy-Procurement brand, both receive continuous revenue for the life of the agreement.  We provide all the project management, procurement, suppliers and account management. With a single point of contact, you have access to all energy suppliers and an expanded product range, making it easy for you to focus on what you do best.

Energy-Procurement is totally focussed on customer service and making sure that customers are entirely happy with our service. Energy-Procurement is looking for highly motivated individuals to join our Channel Partner programme, to work with us to deliver our first-class energy business solutions and drive down the costs for customers. If you or your business is interested in becoming an Energy-Procurement Channel Partner give us a call on 0845 3373838.

White Label – Sell under your own brand

Selling Energy-Procurement contracts under your own brand is known as white labelling. You can do this as a Limited Company, Partnership or a Sole Trader. We will do all the work in the background and supply you with pricing, supplier contracts, audits and account management. You deliver to your clients. We will then either pay you a commission or where you do not want payment we can refund to your client.

Sell under the Energy-Procurement brand

Selling under the Energy-Procurement brand, gives you a fully operational business from day one. You can do this as a Limited Company, Partnership or a Sole Trader. Energy-Procurement will do all the work directly with your client from initial introduction, to negotiation, supply pricing, supplier contracts, audits and account management. You will receive ongoing commission as long as their Energy contracts are with us.

You can be up and running in a matter of days. Our start-up package includes all necessary contracts and paperwork between Energy-Procurement and you. Our dedicated sales account managers provide a personalised service that includes fast, efficient, clear quotations so you can provide a speedy response to your client.

Naturally, you will receive full training, either in person or via a series of WebEx sessions. You will be known as a ‘Partner’ or ‘Business Consultant’, whichever suits you best. There is no set-up charge for becoming an Energy-Procurement Channel Partner.

For more information on our Energy-Procurement Partner Programme; call us on 0845 337 3838 or email partners@energy-procurement.co.uk

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