The tide is changing… On 1st April 2017, the non-domestic water market in England is due to be fully open to competition, allowing businesses to switch water provider much like they can change their energy supplier today. Water (and waste water) services in England and Wales are provided, almost wholly, by privatised regional monopolies meaning that most customers are currently unable to choose their water supplier. However, there has been full competition in Scotland since 2008, allowing businesses to choose their water and wastewater provider, which has resulted in significant savings and improvements to service levels. Thankfully, change is well on its way for England and a competitive market is getting nearer, with the largest consumers of water (sites of 5,000+m3 per annum) already having the right to switch to another water provider. Although no plans have been announced yet for market changes in Wales or Northern Ireland, some suppliers will offer consolidated billing across the UK for multi-site customers resulting in simpler administration and monitoring. The UK Government and the water regulator, OFWAT, have set a target of 1st April 2017 for ALL non-household to be able to choose their supplier. The water companies are already gearing up for deregulation, and changes to market structures, trading mechanisms and new information systems are being put in place in the lead up to April.

The first step is to understand your current usage. We’ll audit your current spend through analysis of your invoices to highlight errors and opportunities to reduce charges and wastage. This will help you to improve water efficiency as well as optimize your current requirements, charges and allowances ahead of procurement.

We’ll work with you to prepare a water procurement strategy and manage the tendering process on your behalf, the contracts will involve direct cost savings in your water services, simplified billing and a range of water efficiency solutions.

We are already working with many of our clients to ascertain how they can take advantage of opportunities to prepare for full water market competition. Please get in touch if you would like
some advice