Finding new premises for your business can be an exciting time however we know it can also be a daunting one.

It’s very important to remember that the building or place isn’t everything. A lot of times people neglect very important factors, like Mobile reception for example, just because they have their sights set on a particular premises or location. When deciding to move your business there are many things to consider, hopefully we can help alleviate this problem by highlighting the business critical issues usually overlooked.

Location is normally the biggest driving factor when looking for premises. Accessibility and facilities have to be considered no matter what your industry. You may also need to consider being close to an airport if you have international customers or have access to major motorways if travel across the country is a requirement. Parking facilities and security are also major considerations to take into account.

Building – Just like purchasing a residential property it is imperative that the building you are considering is surveyed to be of sound build quality. Even if it is structurally fit for purpose the other considerations are possible refurbishments. Internal facilities such as Toilets have to be considered – are there enough for your workforce? Kitchen Facilities – Ample for needs? Utilities – does the building have Gas, Electric and Water?

Once you have considered these things the next steps would be to apply costs for everything. From acquiring the property whether by Lease, Rent or purchase to refurbishment costs and future utility spend.

Many people don’t look at the efficiency of the property they are taking ownership for. It is always prudent to have a copy of the ‘Energy Efficiency report’ for your own sake, without this you could be walking into a utility money pit.

Communications – In today’s technology world you would be forgiven for assuming that all commercial properties have full internet and phone services available. Unfortunately, all too often this just isn’t the case. To be sure of exactly what telecommunications are available to your desired premises it would be sensible to contact a preferred supplier who can give you all the options and lead times – this will help you make an informed decision on the impact of your move. With having all this information at your disposal you can ensure that when you do relocate your workforce can be productive from day one. This is also a great time to start looking at more effective communication tools such as VoIP.

Another communication consideration, as I previously mentioned, is Mobile network availability. It is always best practice to check your prospective building isn’t in a coverage ‘Black Spot’. Unfortunately this is a very real and business limiting problem so don’t just take network connection as a ‘given’ – there are very little solution options once you have already signed on the dotted line!

Finally, don’t just think for today. Relocating can be a costly exercise but done correctly with lots of forward planning it won’t be one you will have to repeat any time soon.

Utility cost and communication infrastructure should be major considerations when planning relocation possibilities – don’t just leave it to chance. Call us now on 08453373838 and see how we can help you plan for a smooth move.