A study released in August from Smart Energy GB and Populous found that nearly 80% of smart meter owners would recommend them. The government plans to install 53 million meters in homes and businesses by 2020.

We’re always keen to help our clients increase their efficiencies and so we’ve put together the five main benefits of smart meters.

Real-Time Consumption Information

Smart meters allow for companies to be able to see what their usage is in real-time. This means that the information shown is never staggered and so prevents unwelcome shocks when you receive your next energy bill.

Better Understanding of Usage

Due to the real-time information delivered through the meter, it allows companies to see the immediate impact that your activities have on your consumption levels. For a business, this becomes a useful educational tool to make sure that employees are aware of the implications of their actions on the bottom line and also to demonstrate ways in which they can reduce the spend outlaid.

Consumption Displayed in Pennies and Pounds

When information is delivered it’s important that those receiving it understand it easily, whilst kilowatt-hours may be something that you kind of understand there is no denying the ease of understanding when it comes to displaying usage in pounds and pence, this means that staff will have a universally relatable measure with which you can gauge energy use efficiency.

Enables Easier Switching to Get the Best Deals

Smart meters eliminate the need for estimated billing; the real-time information ensures you are only paying for what you actually use and not what you could be using. A knock-on effect of this is that you can have access to the exact usage and so you can make sure that you are getting the best deal and be completely confident when doing so.

Allows for More Innovate Tariffs

Because suppliers can now see exactly how you are using your energy they can access the historical data and put together more innovative, and competitive, tariffs more closely aligned to the actual usage from you.  This alows us to create a more personalised service that we can deliver to you and give you an even better offering / service.

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